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Frequently Asked Questions

The answers to many frequently asked questions can be seen under How much does generic diflucan cost. We have compiled the following list to help cover any additional enquiries.

Q1: Are there any restrictions on what sources of match funding can be used? I have heard that I cannot match EU funding against other sources of EU funds.

It is rarely possible to match EU funding against other sources of EU funds. However, the predominant limiting factor in sourcing match funding will be the identified intervention rate. For example, business applicants can apply at an intervention rate of up to 40%. This is not only the maximum percentage of funds that can be applied for from LAG, but also acts as ceiling level for total combined grant from public sector sources. Therefore, business applicants need to source match funding from non-public sector sources. The intervention rate varies depending on the nature of activities. For example, tourism and basic services projects have much higher intervention rates. Please contact the programme team for further information. 


Q2: The postcode checker tool states that my postcode is only partially inside the eligible area. How do I know if I am able to apply?

This is often where postcodes contain old military sites or similar which the system has marked as ineligible. It could also be where your postcode is on a district border. Please contact the programme team to ensure that you are eligible before submitting an application.


Q3: Can I submit my application in writing?

Unfortunately, we are not able to accept applications unless they have been submitted electronically.


Q4: Can I claim a grant for work which has already been completed?

No. Any expenditure incurred prior to receiving a written offer of grant will not be eligible.


Q5: I often heard LAG funds referred to as LEADER funds? What does LEADER stand for?

LEADER is a French acronym standing for ‘Liaison Entre Actions de Development de l’ Economie Rurale’ and looks to establish links between the rural economy and local development actions and needs. LEADER is the name of the bottom-up community led approach which is used by LAG to deliver the programme.